MI Pinball Refinery

New and Pre-Played Pinball Machines

These are the current New and Pre-played pinball machines that are for sale. More titles are coming in soon. Email or call 231-740-8575 for details.

For Sale: Home Use Only Game of Thrones LE $7495.00

I have a loaded up Game of thrones LE for sale. This is a 1 owner machine that looks like it was just opened from the box. If you're interested in having GOT LE in your collection call or email me. This is a great machine with all of the upgrades that have been added..

1. Color DMD

2. Stern interactive topper

3. Coin Taker deluxe back box light kit

4. Dragon speaker emblems

5. Speaker lights

6. Pinball life Spike system mod power supply

7. Flipper button Lights

8. Stern LE art blades

9. Coin Taker red tremor shaker motor

10. Gold leg lock down bolts

11. Custom red dragon egg shooter rod

12. Titan flipper rubbers

13. Cliffy protector on the shooter


For Sale: Home Use Only KISS LE $6995.00

I have a sweet 1 owner Home Use Only KISS LE, this machine is a MUST HAVE for the ROCK-N-ROLL collection and it this price it will not last long.... Here are all of the upgrades that have been done to this machine.

1. Stern interactive KISS topper with yellow filter plastic upgrade

2. Laser cut guitar side rails

3. Interactive Speaker lights

4. Pinball life Spike system mod power supply

5. Color changing Flipper button Lights

6. Mirror Blades

7. Shaker motor

8. Bass guitar red powder coated side armor

9. Lasseriffic bass guitar, Detroit rock city sign and plastic protectors

10. Titan flipper rubbers

11. Cliffy on the shooter and at the scoop

For Sale: Demo MI Pinball Refinery Metallica Pro $7300.00

I have a fully loaded up Demo MI Pinball Refinery Metallica Pro ready to go, about 30 plays on this machine. If you're interested in having an amazing machine in your collection call or email me. There is a nice saving involved in this one, so it will not last long.... Here are all of the upgrades that have been done to this machine.

1. Upgraded side rails on cabinet (Stern Triangle style rails similar to LE) Candy Purple 2 stage custom powder coat for the hinges, lock down bar, legs, side rails, and shooter rod housing.                                    

2. Purple metalized chrome flipper bats w/clear super bands               

3. Green LED lighted flipper button                

4. Chrome leg bolts                            

5. Full color LED upgrade in GI and inserts                  

6. Full LED upgrade in flashers                        

7. Orange custom EL wire for Sparky lighting mod                   

8. Shaker motor                                                 

9. Interactive LED speaker lighting                 

10. MI Pinball Refinery, Ride the lightning w/color changers mod                              

11. MI Pinball Refinery, Green LED snake mod                   

12. MI Pinball Refinery, Purple LED mystery hole scoop 

13. Numbered Pinball Refinery Edition Plaque

14. Purple powder coating of the enter ramps                            

15. Purple powder coating of the return wire ramps                 

16. MI Pinball Refinery additional lightning bolt decals on top of the lighting rails                      

17. Snake LED eyes with fangs and tongue decal                        

18. Add green LEDS under the snake jaw for added lighting                    

19. Chrome ball shooter rod                              

20. Custom painted Sparky to enhance his look                                         

21. Matching powder coated coin door with chromed plastic bezels                  

22. Powder coated metal apron with "M" symbol with interactive flashers                      

23. Color DMD with clear lens            

24. Transparent rubbers throughout                

25. Pingraffix creeping death speaker panel                 

26. Pingraffix creeping death skin blades with UV LEDS lighting                            

27. Pingraffix snake ramp mod                         

28. Added lighting effects for the snake ramp mod                    

29. Pinbits dress slings/protectors in fluorescent green and Sparky protector   

30. Pin-Vol external volume control                

31. Spinner set for Metallica play field loop                    

Coming soon.... Home Use Only Medieval Madness Remake (Standard Edition) $7495.00

More pictures will be loaded once I receive this machine.....

Coming soon this HUO Medieval Madness Remake standard edition with ColorDMD chip installed. This machine was new/unboxed in June 2018 and has under 60 plays on it. If you are looking to save some money on a MMR then this is the one for you. This machine was $8500.00 new, so you are saving $1000.00 for a very slightly played machine. Call or email me if you're interested in this machine.

For Sale: New MI Pinball Refinery Metallica Pro (Email for a price)

I have 1 last New in Box Metallica Pro ready to be customized into a Pinball Refinery Edition. If you're interested in having an amazing machine in your collection, just email me for more info.

For Sale: New MI Pinball Refinery Iron Maiden Pro $7795.00

1. Candy Red 2 stage custom powder coat for the Hinges, Lock down bar, Legs, upgrades LE style side rails and shooter rod housing.

2. Powder coat upgraded premium playfield supports

3. Colored Chrome Flipper bats with clear

4. Red LED Lighted Flipper buttons

5. Chrome leg bolts             

6. Speaker lighting

7. Custom interior cabinet side artwork

8. Added power supply for upgrades

9. Numbered Pinball Refinery Edition Plaque

10. Blue powder coated entry ramps

11. Blue powder coated exit wire ramps

12. Blue powder coated center ramp

13. Matching candy red out lane ball guide

14. Matching candy red powder coated metal apron with Iron Maiden lenses and interactive lighting effects

15. Matching candy red powder coated speaker panel

16. Chrome ball shooter rod

17. Matching candy red powder coated coin door with chromed plastic bezels

18. Transparent rubbers throughout and colored post rubbers

19. Out lane Protector

20. Pin-Vol External Volume Control + shipping

21. Laser cut "Iron Maiden" side rails and hinges

22. A set of Back Alley Creations rear figures with spotlights

Here are the machines below that have sold to customers......

For Sale Custom Home Use Only WWE LE $5595.00 - SOLD

Upgraded SD Card and wire harness that lets the GI lower play field lights go out when the ball is in the ring.
Hulk Shooter Rod
Titan flipper rubbers
Custom music added
Custom Topper
Extra back box decals - current ones are not peeling but because it was an issue on some I had Stern send me a set.

For Sale Custom Restored Williams Pharaoh $3700.00 - SOLD

I have had this machine is my personal collection for a while now and sad to say it's time to put it up for sale. This machine was restored beyond belief. Putting the playfield glass over this playfield is an insult to the beauty of it. This playfield has so many coats of clear coat on it the pinball doesn't roll but glides over it. I purchases it from the person that did this restoration and it took him about 1.5 years to do, countless hours have been put into this machine. He hand painted the playfield using a magnified glass to get the detail to the next level. It's such a work of art. It has a new cabinet which is 1/8" wider then the original one, so the playfield does not rub when it is up in the service area and does not affect the lock down bar. All of the boards are working perfectly and all new harnesses were installed in the machine, Pinscore LED displays and nicely LEDs throughout the machine. Please don't low ball me on this machine because it's worth every penny.

For Sale MI Pinball Refinery Ghostbusters Pro #3 - $5995.00 - SOLD

For Sale : A HUO Refinery Edition Ghostbusters Pro with all of the items listed below for $5995.00. New this machine would be $6870.00 so you are saving $875.00. This machine is like new and would make a great addition to anyone collection.

Upgraded side rails on cabinet (Stern Triangle style rails similar to LE), powdered coated Purple/Blue 2 stage custom powder coat for the hinges, lockdown bar, legs, side rails, and shooter rod housing.                               

1. White flipper bats w/green super bands

2. Red LED lighted flipper button

3. Chrome leg bolts

4. Added power supply for upgrades

5. Shaker motor

6. Vinyl Tilt Graphic Pinblade artwork

7. Game interactive LED speaker lighting

8. UV LED lighting effects over buildings

9. Spinner Ghostbusters build lighting mod

10. 2 Interactive playfield scoop lighting mods

11. Interactive flasher for Mr. Stay Puff

12. Numbered Pinball Refinery Edition Plaque Pinball Refinery tuning adjust and check all in game. Targets, lighting, switch functions, felt line underside of lock down bar, nylon protective washers at leg bolts, and felt line lock down bar receiver area.                          

13. MI Pinball Refinery "Optional upgrades" for the Ghostbusters Pro                                                           

14. Ghostbusters speaker inserts

15. Powder coated purple/blue coin door with chromed plastic bezels

16. Powder Coated purple/blue metal apron with interactive flashers

17. Transparent playfield rubbers

18. Laseriffic Signs throughout the playfield

19. Plastic out lane guard with a SDTM post

(this helps prevent the pinball jumping over the out lane and SDTM drains)

20. Out lane Protector


The Texas Pinball Festival and Pinfest shows

New MI Pinball Refinery Edition Purple Monster Metallica Pro $8200.00 - SOLD

New MI Pinball Refinery Edition The Walking Dead Premium $8000.00  - SOLD

HUO MI Pinball Refinery Edition Ghostbusters Pro $6595.00 - SOLD

HUO MI Pinball Refinery Spiderman Vault Edition $8195.00 - SOLD

New MI Pinball Refinery Batman 66 Premium $9995.00 (Taking Orders)

For Sale Custom Home Use Only Rob Zombie Machine $7000.00 - SOLD

This is a Rob Zombie Refinery Edition #1. I sold my personal RZ to my customer and he is selling it.
Here is the list of upgrades that were added to this machine:
Orange Powder Coating armor and Coin Door with chrome bezels
Chrome Leg Bolts
UV GI Lighting
Interactive Speaker Lighting Effects
Interactive Gas and Fried Chicken Lighting
Interactive Robot Lighting
Fried Chicken Lighting
LEDs in the Radio City Boom Box
Laseriffic Topper
Tilt Graphic Cabinet artwork 
Knocker for the match
Shaker motor
Clear Playfield Rubbers
Upgrades all the insert and GI LEDs
Has V20 code which is awesome

Bally Flash Gordon $2595.00 - SOLD

This is a mostly restored 1980 Bally Flash Gordon.

It is fully LEDs throughout the machine.

It is in very good working condition.

New powder coated legs

For Sale Custom Home Use Only Spiderman Vault Edition $6795.00 - SOLD

This is a Home Use Only Spiderman Vault Edition that’s in excellent condition:

Upgraded GI lighting to Color

Tilt Graphic mirror Spiderman artwork blades

Under cabinet interactive LED lighting effects

Spiderman shooter Rod.

I can do a lot more customization to this machine if the buyer would like more done.  

For Sale Custom Demo-Man on Steroids $4600.00 - SOLD

It is 1 of approx. 15 or so Demo Man on Steroids in existence and one of 4 or 5 that I upgraded with UV lighting effects/purple powder coat. The kits are no longer available, and to my knowledge, buying a currently assembled one is the only way to get one. Demolition Man on Steroids is a customized/re-theme/"continued" made by Pinnovating Pinball using P-Roc and custom lighting. The rules are very different and imo fixes a lot of the annoying problems with the original rule set.

Prices was $4900.... Now $4600.00

Here is a link to a list of initial changes [phone number removed]

Also more rules/shot charts can be found in the club thread here:


This machine has 5 versions of Demo man installed into the computer that my customer did.

For Sale Custom Home Use Only AC/DC Premium $7895.00 - SOLD

This is a Home Use Only AC/DC Premium that’s in excellent condition:

1. Upgraded to Color Flashers

2. Red Translucent Apron with flashers

3. Cliffy's at shooter lane

4. Flipper Bat decals

5. Red super bands on flippers

6. MI Pinball Refinery Shoot to Thrill Cannon Mod

7. Flashers under ramp diverter

8. Drums for diverter

9. Guitar added on playfield

10. Hooks red lightning bolts

11. MI Pinball Refinery TNT mod

12. Train ramp decal

13. Pingraffix Red Flames blades and Speaker panel

14. Pinball Pro back box speakers

15. MI Pinball Refinery game interactive speaker lights and under cabinet 

16. Shaker Motor

17. Chrome Leg bolts

18. Added flasher to train ramp

Home Use Only Customized Lord of the Ring $7900.00 - SOLD

1. Home use only

2. Mike Chestnut brass armor and coin door

3. LOTR Topper

4. Coin Taker deluxe back box light kit

5. Color DMD

6. Speaker lights

7. Ring Speaker Emblems

8. MI Pinball Refinery Path of the dead mod

9. Completely LEDs Throughout the machine

10. Lighted Gandolph staff

11. Mirror blades

12. Target decals

13. The Shire decal

14. Upgraded LE chipset

15. Coin Taker Tremor Shaker motor

16. Palantir eye mod 

17. Cliffy protectors

18. 18k gold ring shooter rod

19. Pinball Pro cabinet speaker

20. Sword tip decals

21. Pinball Life upgraded flipper coils (not installed)

22. Custom under cabinet flasher lighting

23. Pingraffix Speaker Decal

Home Use Only Customized Medieval Madness Remake - SOLD

This is a HUO MMR with some upgrades added to it....


1. Black Powder Coated Armor

2. Lasseriffic Topper

3. DMD upgraded Color chip set

4. Shaker Motor

5. 3D translite (I have the original one as well)

6. Upgraded back box speakers to Kickers

7. Titan flipper rubbers

8. Tilt Graphic Art Panels and Magnetic Apron

9. Custom Green LED Lighting Effects for the Trolls when they pop up

10. Added White LED Flasher to the Two Headed Dragon

11. Added Interactive flashers on the catapult long plastic about the wire ramp MM Mods

1. Two Headed Dragon - blue light up eyes and red fire breath tied to flasher

2. Troll light up eyes

3. Catapult Light up mod

4. Merlin figure mod with light up blue crystal ball

Born on April 5th 2016 - perfect inserts. I opened it NIB in June

Home Use Only The Simpsons Party Pinball. NEW PRICE $5695.00 - SOLD

This machine has several upgrades have been install in this Simpsons Party Pinball and it plays like new. Call or email me for anymore questions.

1. This is a home use only machine

2. Simpsons Topper

3. Color DMD

4. Speaker lights

5. Speaker panel decal

6. Side rail decals

7. Completely LEDs

8. Duff beer can mod

9. Alien ship mod

10. Simpson’s TV mod

11. Assorted figurines

12. Mr. Burns costom shooter rod

13. Yellow custom powder coated armor w/premium lock down bar

14. Custom under cab flashers tied to game

15. Comic book guy "Worst Pinball Ever" on shirt mod

16. Flipper bats upgraded titan rubbers


Home Use Only Customized Spiderman $6795.00 - SOLD

Video of some game play on the customized Spiderman

This Spiderman has several upgrades installed and it plays like new. Call or email me for anymore questions.

1. This is a home use only pinball machine.

2. Blue powder coated armor with Spider laser cut webbed side rails with mirror backing blades

3. Blue powder coated coin door and shooter rod housing

4. Spiderman head shooter rod

5. Custom chrome apron with 2 spiders and Spiderman on the apron that light up during game play

6. Tilt Graphic Mirror blades with Spiderman web artwork

7. Matt's metal Spiderman topper w/color changing LED lights

8. Flipper Fidelity back box light kit

9. Spiderman trans-light signed by Gary Stern and Steve Ritchey

10. Back Alley Creations custom Spiderman brick web speaker panel

11. Back Alley Creations Sandman mod and additional sand

12. Back Alley Creations Black and red combo 4 piece Spiderman Masked Menace set

13. Spiderman speaker emblems

14. Spiderman speaker lights

15. Color DMD

16. Tilt Graphics Spiderman premium mirror blades

17. Completely LEDs throughout the machine

18. Lighted Sandman figure, Doc Orc figure and Green Goblin figures

19. Target decals

20. Clear webbed plastic protectors

21. Shaker motor

22. Interactive custom under cabinet flasher lights

23. Translucent Rubbers through out

Home Use Only Rob Zombie Spook Show International $5600.00 - SOLD

This Rob Zombie Spook Show International machine ONLY 41 PLAYS on it and as new as they come. Call or email me for anymore questions.

1. This is a home use only machine

2. Spooky Pinball Robot LED Eyes upgrade

3. Color DMD (Standard from Spooky)

4. Spooky Pinball Radio City upgrade 

5. Spooky Pinball Fried Chicken Bucket LED upgrade

6. Spooky Pinball GI and Insert LEDs upgrade

7. Spooky Pinball Plastic Protectors

8. ONLY 41 plays on this machine (still has the original code)


Highly Modified Original TRON Pro 3D Translite $7695.00 - SOLD

Hooked on Pinball Mod
1. Lighted Light cycles

2. Chrome Pop Caps

3. Caster Zuse with El wire cane

4. Gem Figure

5. Clu Figure

6. Light up Recognizer

7. Game Interactive Chrome Apron


1 Game Interactive Topper - tied to game ramps and speaker lights


1. Led-ocd board

2 Light board that ties topper and speaker lights into EL wire ramps


1. Game Interactive EL Lighted Ramps

2 Colored plastic protectors

Misc upgrades

1. Chrome armor with Lollipops side rails

2. Lighted Flynn Sign

3. Arcade mod 2.1

4. Color DMD

5. Game Interactive Speaker Light Kit

6. Speaker Emblems

7. 3D Translite

8. LED's through out the machine

9. Cointaker Red Tremer Shaker Motor

10. Game Interactive Under Cabinet Flasher Kit

11. Pingraffix Mirror Blade Skins Panels

Customized Elvis LE $3900.00 - SOLD

1. Brand new NOS spare playfield

2. Speaker lights

3. Speaker emblems

4. Elvis Topper

5. Pink Cadillac light up car

6. Vegas light up sign

7. Completely LEDs throughout the machine

8. Custom Pin Graphics Elvis side art

9. Shaker Motor

10. Customer powder coated armor w/lollipop side rails, black w/metal flakes premium lock down assembly

11.  Speaker emblems that are not installed and were in the coin box

12. * no certificate* But there is the plaque on the speaker panel

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