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MI Pinball Refinery a Division of Cointaker, can offer you a greater selection of customized pinball machines from several manufactures to choose from. At MI Pinball Refinery I customize your machine, so it will become the show piece in your collection.

Just Release from Stern Pinball "IRON MAIDEN" Email us to Pre-Order your MI Pinball Refinery Edition Today. Here's a few pictures of the "Stock" Pro Version.

The awaited and greatly anticipated Iron Maiden, Legacy of the Beast 
pinball is here!  Production of this new cornerstone model is beginning now 
with the Pro.  We will start 500 Limited Edition games in late April and 
thereafter the Premium.
I don’t have to tell you about the over 40 year history 
of Iron Maiden, its 100 million albums sold, its worldwide sold out tours.
Iron Maiden players become the band’s Eddie mascot fighting the beast.  All 
versions of Iron Maiden are loaded with Mechanical Action devices on a 
great shooting playfield.  A back panel mounted multi-segment bullseye fed 
by a jump ramp is a fantastic new device.  All versions have a 3 bank drop 
target, 4 flippers, 2 spinners, dual up-posts, intersecting loops, and 
Newton ball.  The ramps are metal and wireform, not plastic.  The same 
playfield support bracket, not the prop rods, are used on all Iron Maiden, 
even the pro.
Added to  the above is newly created exclusive LCD display video 
animations, Zombie Yeti hand drawn art different for each model, and 12 of 
the most popular player selectable Iron Maiden songs:
1.   Aces High 
2.   2 Minutes to Midnight
3.   The Trooper
4.   Wasted Years 
5.   Can I Play With Madness
6.   Number of the Beast
7.   Run to the Hills
8.   Powerslave
9.   Hallowed Be Thy Name
10.   Flight of Icarus
11.   Rime of the Ancient Mariner
12.   Fear of the Dark
The Iron Maiden Premium and LE have new, unique, and innovative mechanisms.  
Included is a motor controlled tomb entrance feeding a motorized 
combination ball lock/Newton ball, which allows the player to physically 
knock a Newton ball onto the playfield to be an active multiball.  A second 
new and unique device is a very cool omnidirectional ball target used in 
place of the Pro’s normal standup target.  The Premium and LE are further 
enhanced by the jump ramp that opens to reveal a scoop, interactive chase 
light beacon led device, backlit stacked back panel plastic, plus the 
inclusion of custom Eddie sculpts.


Here is a picture of our MI Pinball Refinery Metallica Premiums

Still available to order: Custom MI Pinball Refinery Metallica Pro and Premium machines.

Here is a video of some game play of the latest fully loaded MI Pinball Refinery Metallica Pro and Premium machines.

MI Pinball Refinery Metallica Pro

MI Pinball Refinery Metallica Premium

Here's a few picture from the Texas Pinball Festival that was in March 2017.

George Gomez "Stern Designer of Batman 66" with my first MI Pinball Refinery Edition Batman 66 Premium.

Call me today for a Custom Machine quote, 231-740-8575 and ask for Steve

Star Wars Pro and Premium machines are in stock and ready to ship or be converted into Refinery Editions, call me for more details

Stern Aerosmith: Pros, Premiums and LEs as well as customized MI Pinball Refinery Editions are available to order.

Look at the "New Machine Titles" tab for the latest titles to order.


I am offering MI Pinball Refinery for the Ghostbusters machines. I have made several upgrades to these Ghostbusters Pros and Premiums machines, including 2 different colors of powder coating which you can choose from.

MI Pinball Refinery Edition of a Ghostbusters Pro and Premiums.

Email or call me for more details.



MI Pinball Refinery is a custom full service distributor with the backing of Cointaker. Manufactures include Stern Pinball, Highway Pinball and Dutch Pinball machines which I can add custom features to create "MI Pinball Refinery" versions of each machine. Custom machine features are custom powder coating, lighting effects, coin doors, painting toys and figures to what you want and so much more. For additional information please contact us via the "contact me form" on the top right side of this page or call me at 231-740-8575. 

Please have some fun and enjoy browsing around my website for ideas for your favorite machines. I am continually adding new custom parts and videos of my mods and custom machines in action. My custom mods will add some awesome new effects changing the way you experience pinball! All of the mods are designed to maintain the factory feel and game play, but are intended to evolve the machine to its full potential.

Please keep in mind many of our kits are on a built-to-order basis, some can take time to produce and test and make sure they live up to our standards. I know this will add time to your order, but my goal is "To Make it right not rushed". So, please be patient it will be worth the wait!

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We custom paint the toys inside your machine to give it the look you want email mail me for details.

Custom painted Sparky are $175.00. Here is a before and after picture of Sparky 




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