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I will be attending the Texas Pinball Festival in March 2017

I will be attending the Texas Pinball Festival from March 24th through March 26th 2017, with Cointaker. I will have several new MI Pinball Refinery machines for sale and available to check out and play. Titles are subject to change before the show, but here is the planned list:

Metallica Pro
Batman 66 Premium
Ghostbusters Premium
Aerosmith Pro (If released and customized in time)
I have some custom HUO machines that I am selling. This list may change in time as machines might sell between now and then.
Original Spiderman
Medieval Madness Remake
Lord of the Rings
Rob Zombie
The Simpson Party Pinball
Elvis EL
See you there,
MI Pinball Refinery

Transition to Cointaker

I have made a transition to work with Melissa and Chris at Cointaker. I will still be offering my customized Pinball Refinery machines, but under a new name "MI Pinball Refinery". With this transition it will allow us (MI Pinball Refinery and Cointaker) to offer a greater selection of manufactures and new machine title to be customized for you the customer. I have access to Cointaker's huge inventory, and will be offering these custom machines at Pinball shows for sale and ready to take home. Also Cointaker will carry some new line of MI Refinery Editions in their showroom.


Thanks for your support,


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